Leadership The Reformed Bible Church is a Biblically based Protestant Church following the Presbyterian form of Ecclesiastic order. It is an independent Church of the Reformed Faith not associated with any "corporate" denomination. As of August 1998 the RBC has set up a sister Church in the Commonwealth of Virginia under the direct, personal oversight of Pastor Paul Michael Raymond.

At the present time the New York RBC functions under the oversight of Pastor Carlos Maier and Pastor Paul Michael Raymond who, with Elder Maurice Page, founded and established the Church by the Grace of Almighty God. Pastor Raymond, along with Pastor Maier, admonish the congregation with public preaching of the Word. Among the ministries associated with the RBC are The Institute for Theonomic Reformation and HisGlory.com Internet web sites. .

The Reformed Bible Church declares that it is solely under the Sovereign Rule and Protection of the Lord Jesus Christ and therefore is not under any National or Federal rule of the Corporation of the United States of America. Thus the RBC is not a 501c (3)corporation.

Paul Michael Raymond (Pastor VA Church)
Carlos Maier (Pastor NY Church)

Paul Coviello (Elder VA Church)


Rev. Dr. Paul Michael Raymond
Elder Paul Coviello
Pastor Carlos Maier (New York Church)

Evangelists: Guyanian Missions
Natheram Roopchand

Services for the RBC in Suffolk County:

The Lord's Day

10:00 AM Adult Bible Study
11:15 AM Worship Service - All Attend

Services for the RBC in Appomattox Virginia:

The Lord's Day

10:00 AM Adult Bible Study - Children's Study downstairs (all ages)
11:15 AM Worship Service - All Attend


The Reformed Analysis: for the serious home schooling parent, is available quarterly during the year.
The Reformed Witness on Apostasy: Addresses and examines the problems of and solutions to apostasy in the Church
The Reformed Witness Update & Strategies: Directives for the Christian life.
The Civil Magistrate: A Biblical study of the Christian's position in the civil realm.


We encourage anyone home-educating their children (and those thinking about doing this) to be part of this on-going effort to raise and teach our children "in the way they should go". The day's activities being with a gym class, followed by lessons such as art, music, hands-on science, reading/lit., and/or history. Group trips, field days, and end-of-year "Achievements Day" celebration are all part of this learning program. Be encouraged by other parents as your children build friendships too! For more information please call Jane Raymond at 434-352-2667

The Institute for Theonomic Reformation: The Institute for Theonomic Reformation (ITR) is dedicated to the restoration and application of Biblical Law and Biblical Ethics so as to faithfully encourage an explicitly Biblical Christian rule for a global Theonomic culture.

The New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy (College) Conferring 1,2,& 4 year degrees certified by the Virginia State Counsel for Higher Education. Go to www.newgeneva.us

IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING DONATIONS: Since the Reformed Bible Churches are not 501 c(3) IRS designated "corporations", we are not able to accept checks. Donations can be accepted only by cash or US Postal Money Orders. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding this "status". We appreciate your support to continue serving the community through the ministries of The Reformed Bible Church. If you wish to obtain a tax deductible donation please make your check out to ITR and we will apply it to the Institute.